The Ergonomics Puzzle

Employers face a myriad of challenges in managing occupational injuries and illnesses.

Compliance Issues – Employer response is affected by government compliance.

Fiscal Issues – Employers face significant direct and indirect costs.

Productivity – Absenteeism hurts the bottom line.

Companies absorb all of the indirect cost of a workplace injury, while the financial impact of the accident’s direct cost depends on a company’s specific workers’ compensation program.

Liberty Mutual 2002 Safety Index


We provide professional custom solutions for the Employer:

  • Ergonomic evaluation to identify and prioritize risks
  • Root cause analysis
  • Customized training to minimize specific injury/illness risks
  • Individual case management to large-scale ergonomic intervention
  • Process management & benchmarking
  • Value – based recommendations on furniture, tools & equipment

The Department of Labor states emphatically that "good ergonomics is often good economics."

U.S. Department of Labor (2001)


Our clients enjoy savings and a healthy workforce:

  • Assists with compliance - OSHA, SB198, Title 8 of the California Labor Code, Work Comp
  • Decreases direct & indirect costs of musculoskeletal injuries & illnesses
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Improves morale, performance & retention
  • Prevents human suffering

Here’s an example of the published results of one of ErgoDoctor’s large-scale ergonomic interventions.

Back injury graph Cost reduction graph


ErgoDoctor customizes and prioritizes services to provide client employee populations with optimal ergonomic health using a cost-effective approach.